SlimPay chooses Arkea Banking Services to process its banking flows

Published on Apr 19, 2017

SlimPay chooses Arkea Banking Services to process its banking flows

April 19, 2017. Since 2009, the European Fintech SlimPay offers a simplified solution for recurring payments with direct debit on Merchants’ websites. SlimPay chooses Arkea Banking Services to process its banking flows, a subsidiary of the group Credit Mutuel Arkea specialized in white labeled banking solutions. Therefore SlimPay can stay focused on its core activities.
SlimPay helps business model based on subscriptions.

In this new context where usage is becoming more important than possession, many clients tend to prefer rental or subscription when they make their purchase decisions. These new kinds of consumption are made by recurring payments and monthly subscription. A recent survey from Elabe in February 2016 pointed out that 85% of European consumers use subscriptions. Mainly French and Spanish with an average of 5,4 subscriptions per person.
Since 2009, SlimPay offers loyalty solutions to major corporates like EDF or Deezer. Without intermediaries, these solutions are based on SEPA direct debit and are 100% online.  

Actually, the final client gives his IBAN* and confirms a debit Mandate by electronic signature with a specific SMS code. Contrary to debit cards, IBAN does not have expiration date. Nevertheless, clients are still free to stop direct debits whenever they want.                                       
Arkea Banking Services, reliable partner for Fintech
SlimPay’s solution uses SEPA standards (shared by 34 European countries). SlimPay partners Arkea Banking Services to send and receive SEPA banking flows (SDD/SCT) on the European interbanking system. Arkea Banking Services, owned by France-based Credit Mutuel Arkea with EUR 120 billion of assets, is a leader in e-money and principal member services, especially for Fintech and payment institutions. With more than twenty clients across Europe, Arkea Banking Services is a great reference on the market.
*L’IBAN (International Bank Account Number)

" We decided to choose Arkea Banking Services because it has solid technical skills and is strongly involved in the Fintech ecosystem. Besides we share many values with Arkea Banking Services, it is the same DNA; human scale and constantly looking for perfection. » commented Jérôme Traisnel co-founder and CEO of SlimPay."

" We are very proud to partner with an innovative firm like SlimPay. This partnership confirms our BtoB strategic ambitions and our position in this new ecosystem. By using our expertise in banking solutions, our partners can easily adjust their priorities to develop their activities and customers’ satisfaction. » commented Christophe Bitner, CEO of Arkea Banking Services."

About Arkea Banking Services
Arkea Banking Services is a white-label banking infrastructure pioneer, set-up in 2010 as a fully owned subsidiary of France-based Credit Mutuel Arkea, a leading French full service bank with EUR 120 billion of assets. Arkea Banking Services is a leading Business Process Outsourcing provider for Financial Institutions.
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A propos de SlimPay
Created in 2009, SlimPay is one of the leaders in direct debit. In addition to payment plans (flat or variable) in EURO, SlimPay offers services and technologies dedicated to facilitate clients’ acquiring, increasing their lifetime value and maximizing Merchants’ turnover. The company employs more than 60 people in 6 countries with more than 2000 clients in 34 countries.
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