Neobank Morning trusted Arkea Banking Services for the processing of their interbanking transactions.

Published on Mar 20, 2018


The startup Morning, 79% owned by Banque Edel since March 2017, has chosen Arkea Banking Services, Arkéa group’s subsidiary dedicated to BPO and white label banking solutions. For the neobank, Arkea Banking Services is processing the interbanking transactions, a service already provided for nearly thirty Payment or E-Money Institutions and Fintech. Therefore, Morning can be fully devoted to the development of its BtoC and BtoB activities.


100% available on mobile, Morning is a startup from Toulouse that aims to revolutionize banking services offered to individuals and professionals, focusing on collaborative uses and new consumer behavior.


To focus on the implementation of the strategy initiated by the arrival of Banque Edel to its capital in March 2017, Morning has trusted Arkea Banking Services, a subsidiary of Arkea group, expert in white label banking solutions, to manage its interbank cash flows. Morning’s customers have "ibanized" accounts that facilitate transfers, especially between individuals. Thanks to the IBAN, this unique bank account identification number, the exchanges of the flows (credit transfers and direct debits) are eased whatever the bank and the country where the account is held. They meet the SEPA standard, common to 34 European countries. 


Arkea Banking Services, a trustworthy partner for the Fintech


Arkea Banking Services is a leader on the payment services market, especially for the Payment Institutions, E-money and Fintech. As such, Arkea Banking Services supports nearly thirty Payment Institutions in eight countries across Europe.


An ambitious strategy for Morning


Since the arrival of banque Edel in Morning’s capital, Morning has shown strong development ambitions. Morning wants to offer innovative and differentiating features to bring to all its customers an optimal quality of service, in line with the new consumer behaviors. The neobank is aimed at individuals through its offer of online money pot, payments between individuals, or provision of account and bank card, and now seeks to expand its offer BtoB.


Frédéric Senan, CEO of Morning, said: "Given our strong development ambitions in the area of digital payments, especially on an industrial scale for B2B, we decided to choose a leading player to support us in these projects. The strong reputation of Arkea Banking Services in supporting Fintech and its reputation in terms of security as a leader in E-money affiliation are the key elements of our partnership ".


Christophe Bitner, Chairman of the Management Board of Arkea Banking Services, said: "We are proud to be part of Morning’s development, a promising neobank, based in Toulouse and subsidiary of the banque Edel of the E.Leclerc group. This new partnership confirms once again the strategic position of Crédit Mutuel Arkea beside the European Fintech ".