Copy of After 4L trophy : flashback on a fabulous adventure

Published on Nov 22, 2018

Flasback on a fabulous adventure with Hugo member of the 4L's team sponsored by Arkéa Banking Services

How was the race ?

"The race went pretty well, except for the beginning, which was very chaotic. We left Brittany and joined other 4L at the starting line in Biarritz. Once on site, we had a technical control, and that was where problems started. The chassis was not in good enough condition and we found ourselves having to weld one of its pieces just before the departure. Due to this unexpected event, we missed the official start with the others."
"But after that everything went great on the road from Algesiras to Maroc. Our 4L did have neither breakdowns nor being bogged down in the sand. And so we can even help other team who were in troubles".  
"Otherwise, we had one little misadventure as well. One freezing night on the Atlas plateau, we had to pass our night in a tent at 1800 meters altitude. Both Vincent and I have to admit that we did not imagine having to get through such a cold night."

How was the ambience?

"The vibe during the adventure was just incredible. There were a lot of mutual help between the participants, if you happen to have a problem, there will always be someone to help you. In the evening, it was the best part of the day where the ambience is very warm. 1400 cars were parked all together in the middle of the desert. The participants joined together and shared a typical Moroccan meal. However, it can be complicated to find your car in the dark among 1400 similar cars !"

What were the strength and particularity of this race according to you ?

"The particularity of this race is the incredible number of participants. More than 1400 teams and 250 peoples from the support team who are in charge of assistance and security for the 2018’s edition. The moment when we truly knew the number of 4L, it was when they went all together in the desert. The strength of the race comes also from its ambience."

What is your best memory ?

"Our most remarkable memory was when we drove on our own for two days in the middle of the desert without any assistance. Thus that was very exhilarating. At night, we gathered together with other cars, around a fire in the middle of the desert. It was a magical moment under a beautiful sky covered with stars. "

What made you scared the most ?

"Before the race, the scariest thing was the financial aspect. Collecting necessary money for this trip wasn’t simple. Therefore, during the race, the car was our most concern. The 4L had to keep up on the road and in the desert. "
"But despite all these difficulties, I’m ready for a new edition and to leave again as of now."