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A full service bank

Created in 2010, Arkea Banking Services is a fully-fledged bank certified by the French Bank in accordance with the requirements of  the decree of 3 November 2014.

Our employees are qualified operators working on banking products and services.

100 % subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Arkéa

Innovator in Banking and Insurance, Credit Mutuel Arkea has developed a booming B2B activity. The group  does not hesitate to position itself as a « partner of its competitors development » by offering Business  Process Outsourcing (BPO) services.

Whose vocation is to build and manage banking solutions on behalf of third parties

For our clients, not only does the outsourcing of  non-strategic business process significantly reduce operating costs, but it also boosts their competitiveness. We help our clients to stay focused on their core activities with state-of-the-art services. 



Our Model of Development



Our model of development is based on the pooling of :

 Internal computing systems
 A middle-office dedicated to BtoB services
 Central back-office functions
Outsourced banking solutions in white label
The financial  establishment maintains ownership on its customers
Arkea Banking Services is unknown to the final customer
  Our clients are responsible  of the regulator activity










2014 - 2016

2017 - 2018

2019 - 2020

The Credit Mutuel Arkea group starts its strategic plan « horizon 2015 » which puts forward the development of B2B activities. it created Arkea Banking Services, subsidiary specialized in white label banking solutions.

The year is marked by specific projects of banking services for Allianz Bank and RCI Bank.

Success of the launch of ZestO saving account by RCI Bank at the beginning of the year and the shift of Allianz Bank ‘s IT system to Arkea Banking Services' system in October.

Accompanied by Arkea Banking Services, PSA Bank Finance launched its saving account Distingo. Simultaneously, the company developed its activities on the market of payment institution and fintech. Arkea Banking Services also helped Adyen to become a member of GIE CB.

Arkea Banking Services confirms its leader position on the market of payment institution in France and support Brinks in the creation of its own payment institution.

The Credit Mutuel Arkea group launches its new strategic plan « Arkea 2020 » and reinforces its B2B activities in its objectives.

Arkea Banking Services supports the Systeme U 's group in the creation of its payment institution.

Arkea Banking Services continues its development on the market of banking solutions and supports more than 20 payment institutions across Europe. Arkea Banking Services positions itself as a major actor in the European Fintech ecosystem.

This year was marked by successes in our white label loan offer and by the signature of partnerships with two Open Banking platforms, Railsbank and Bankable. In addition, RCI Bank and Services has chosen to extend its agreement with Arkéa Banking Services for a new five-year period.

Arkea Banking Services pursues its European trajectory and announces, in December, the acquisition of net-m privatbank 1891 to serve its clients in Germany.

Arkea Banking Services pursues its European trajectory and announces, in December, the acquisition of net-m privatbank 1891 to serve its clients in Germany.


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Operation Officer

"I think that the key element that distinguishes Arkea Banking Services from its competitors is our unique adaptation capacity."


Olivier DOUDET
Compliance Officer

"In this changing environment , we help our clients to switch their constraints into opportunities : that’s a very exciting project."


Gwendal LE COQ
Chief Sales & Customer Service Officer 

"Enabling our clients to stay focused on the creation of value : that’s our key business driver."


Compliance & Risk Officer

"In 2010 we’ve started a great entrepreneurial adventure and the future looks promising. "


Béatrice ASTIER
Chief Operating Officer

"I believe that what really sets Arkéa Banking Services apart from other market players is our unique ability to adjust. »